Community Connections

Community Connection is a program designed to adopt our city one neighborhood at a time.

Meaningful relationships are not built through one time visits. Detroit Hope Center’s community connection program will go into a community every Saturday for 3-6 months consistently. During this time, our team will bring food, games, and friendship to the neighborhood, putting the love of God on display.

Our bus ministry will pick people up from the neighborhood for church on Sundays.

Homeless Ministry

At Detroit Hope Center, homelessness does not equal hopelessness. That is why we do our best to meet the physical needs of the people who live on the streets of our community. Our hope is to build meaningful relationships with the homeless and drawing them into a deeper relationship with Christ. For those who are interested in serving, there are consistent opportunities to serve the homeless through our community care ministry.

Veteran Ministry

Detroit Hope Center loves to serve those who have served. All throughout the year, members of DHC bring food, clothing, and friendship to veterans in homeless facilities. We also have a Bible study group that meets on Saturdays in one of our local veteran shelters.


Detroit Hope Center’s L.I.F.E. program is designed to offer comprehensive services as to mitigate life crises in an effort to guide individuals toward a more abundant life. The services offered via the L.I.F.E. program are integral to an individual’s basic functioning and well being. We do this through providing housing, skill application, mentoring, and classes on topics ranging from drug education, employment skills, and relapse prevention, to anger management, parenting skills, and effective self-advocacy. Find out more about L.I.F.E., click the link below: