Fredrick Douglass said “it is easier to train strong children than to repair broken men”. At Detroit Hope Center, we believe this to our core. It is one of the foundational principles upon which this ministry is built. The greatest thing that could ever happen for the city of Detroit would be a generation that comes behind us loving God and loving people.

CityKids is high energy, exciting, fun church in language and setting that is engaging, and easy to apply for kids ages 4-11. Your child will be checked-in to a safe environment with well trained and responsible staff members. Kids will be engaged through games, songs, and teaching from the Word of God. They will learn to express themselves using their talents, abilities and personalities to worship God through presentations and music, sign language, action songs, and many other creative ways. CityKids brings hope to families by expressing love, demonstrating character, and pointing children toward a relationship with Jesus.


CityStudents is the official student ministry of Detroit Hope Center. CityStudents serves as a safe place for Detroit students to follow after their life pursuits, and the destiny that God has for them. It is our intention to create a place that will equip young people to develop a deeper relationship with Christ, encourage uplifting relationships with other Christians, and empower life changing relationships with non-believers


TheCity is the campus ministry of Detroit Hope Center. The sole purpose of TheCity is to offer the students of Wayne State University the opportunity to be apart of something authentic…an opportunity to be somewhere where they can come and find peace and direction. We are accomplishing this through weekly meetings on campus and through the everyday connections of student living. 


According to Oxford University, nearly 1 in 20 Americans are deaf or hard of hearing. The deaf community is a very close-knit one. Many deaf people love Bible study, learning, and fellowship. Because most churches do not service the deaf, most deaf do not go to church. Detroit Hope Center’s CitySigns is a ministry that is completely focused on the deaf community. We have skilled interpreters, a bible study group, and an awesome group of deaf people.


There’s something that happens in circles that just doesn’t happen in rows.

What are CityGroups?

God did not create you to do life alone. Being part of a CityGroup means having people you can talk to, depend on, and explore God’s Word with. Getting plugged into a group is the perfect place to start when looking to get connected.

A CityGroup is a group of 10-15 people who get together every week to explore faith and build relationships. Typically, in a CityGroup, there will be light refreshments, followed by an engaging lesson and discussion in the Word of God. At Detroit Hope Center’s CityGroups there is something for everyone. There are currently CityGroups meeting in several locations around the city.