Our Story

How it all started...

Detroit Hope Center was birthed in prayer, burden, and vision.

In 2014, Pastor Joe Giunta and his family started ministering in the streets of Detroit. They started with ministry to the homeless, and in apartment buildings around the city. They ministered in schools, shelters, and anywhere else they could find people who were in need of the gospel.

The Lord continuously blessed the efforts of planting this new church. In 2015, DHC held its first block party crusade at the Delta Prep Academy on MLK & The Lodge. With a very large attendance, miracles, healings, and supernatural outpouring, there was no question that God had His hand on this kingdom vision. We were seeing God show Himself powerful throughout the whole city of Detroit. God was establishing His presence with Detroit Hope Center.

The power of God followed this growing group everywhere they went! For the first few years, they held bible study groups in homes, apartments, shelters, and public places all over the city. Now it was time to build this new church a strong foundation. 

Expanding the vision...

In 2017, Detroit Hope Center officially launched. We first met in a school, and then rented space in a church on Oakland and Melbourne in the New Center neighborhood of Detroit. The church continued to flourish as we focused on discipleship. God continued adding to the church, and the church kept growing.

At the end of 2019, God started dealing with the church about moving into Pastor Joe's home. We didn't understand why at the time, but when the pandemic of 2020 came, we knew why God had moved us into the home. During that time, the church continued to grow and find momentum. It was in the home where we grew closer as a church family than ever before. This season prepared DHC for the powerful growth that God had for us. People continued to be saved and miracles happened! The church was growing strong together!

The Lord confirmed the word with signs following at Detroit Hope Center. God sent us confirmation after confirmation of the beautiful plans He had for this church. So many of the core families of DHC found their start during this time and season. This was only the beginning. There was still so much more to come for DHC!

Where we are headed...

During the time when DHC met in the house, plans never stopped being made for us to get into a public space. We prayed, planned, sacrificed, and saved - God met us with supernatural provision.
We knew that God had a plan for us, and He did. In 2021, Detroit Hope Center purchased the property on McCormick St where we currently meet. We renovated the building and started holding services. In this building, we have seen God grow this church numerically, and even more so spiritually.

God has showed His power and grace to DHC! We have seen healings, miracles, and amazing testimonies occur right here at the church. God has continually shown that He has His hand on the church. Families are being restored, the sick healed, and people are finding deliverance just like they did in the bible. Deep and powerful worship have become part of the DNA of DHC. Every week, we are challenged to go deeper and grow closer to Jesus. It's happening at DHC just like it did in the bible!

The vision of DHC is to replicate this process and see community based churches planted in every neighborhood in the city of Detroit. We plan to reach people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We want to establish, equip, and empower every believer to BE the church in Detroit. God loves this city, and so do we! The story is still being written...

Detroit Hope Center - Where Hope Is Being Born Again!

Be a part of the story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 11am & 6pm! Everyone is welcome!